How Clifford Tindall Brought Spirit to Little Italy

Jul 7, 2021

Clifford Tindall, a pillar of the Little Italy community in Toronto, first heard of Spiritleaf in 2018, and soon signed on to become a franchise partner and retail store co-owner. The doors of this quaint College Street retail store opened on June 26th 2020, when pandemic restrictions had begun to ease. Clifford felt optimistic about starting a new venture in a warm, thriving community, notorious for uplifting local business.

On November 23, the city found itself thrown into a lockdown only meant to last 28 days. However, as days stretched into months, Clifford found himself looking for new ways to adapt and continue to uphold his store’s reputation for excellent service and industry knowledge. With significant support from Spiritleaf, Clifford persevered by working days on end and making deliveries, all while navigating his business through the unexpected.

Beyond that, he knew he needed stay connected with those that matter most: his community. To bridge the gap between his business and patrons that the lockdown measures would inevitably create, Clifford took to social media to continue building local relationships, educating his audience, and being true to Spiritleaf’s mission to embrace the unexpected.

“I try to speak the language of the cannabis consumer in a way that connects with the culture and the people.”

When it comes to online strategy for the store, Clifford expresses, “I try to speak the language of the cannabis consumer in a way that connects with the culture and the people.” This is also central to Spiritleaf’s ethos. The virtual Spirit Bus Tour campaign aims to connect people across Canada by highlighting one of the core tenets of their brand: community building. Whether it’s being a spirit leader, taking care of those around you, or creating connections, Clifford and Spiritleaf both embody an inspiring sense of harmony.

Despite facing his own obstacles, Clifford has used his position in the Little Italy BIA and his ever-growing social media platform to connect small businesses to those who have lost their jobs, going above and beyond what it means to be an upstanding community member.

After all, Spiritleaf is known as “The People’s Cannabis Shop,” and who better to represent that than someone like Clifford Tindall from Spiritleaf Little Italy?

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