Venture Sourcing Group (VSG) has developed a unique hardware support model for software providers by assisting in the development and deployment of technology hardware to their end users. This allows our partners to allocate their valuable resources toward gaining market share, advancing their customer experience, and focusing on the anticipated needs/obstacles in their industries to stay ahead of the competition, becoming the market leading solution.

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These aren’t just brands we represent; these are relationships we’ve developed to bring customized, industry specific recommendations to help create and grow your approved list of hardware. Technology is always changing. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure the hardware recommendations made are the best for your industry, while providing the intended user experience for your customers.

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Supporting software with hardware deployments across North America





Launched with approved hardware across all verticals

A partner you can count on

The VSG team brings critical thinking, strategy, and a get-it-done mindset to your hardware deployment.

Approved Hardware List

VSG will work with your team to establish the best hardware recommendations for your industry. With expertise in various verticals, what works, what doesn’t, knowledge of available inventory and market conditions, you can count on us to bring the right options to the table.

Upholding Your Brand

We make no compromises in representing ourselves as an extension of your company’s standard. We are a solution-oriented team, with a genuine dedication to addressing the needs of our clients and partners. Any challenge is met with creative problem solving and a willingness to overcome.


Hardware Accountability

We regularly audit our product line to stay aware of any changes, upgrades, or upcoming EOL statuses to facilitate testing of new hardware. We adapt our recommendations to suit an ever-changing industry to make sure your software is always paired with the latest and greatest hardware, ensuring your competitive edge./span>

Avoid Launch Delays

When opening a new business, we understand the urgency to become operational, so timely service is at the forefront of our priorities. With our proactive hardware fulfillment process, you can trust that your onboarding schedule is never impacted.

Manufacturer & Distribution Ecosystem

We have built strategic partnerships with distributors and manufacturers across North America, granting us access to our hardware line through a multitude of channels, while minimizing the risk of supply chain issues, even in challenging circumstances.

Venture Staff

Its Time to Experience the Venture Advantage

Your turnkey hardware division at no cost

Strategic procurement is the heart of our business, and our multi-faceted infrastructure means we have established resources in all the right places, ready to be used. From sourcing, to install, to peripheral management – we’re built to be your hardware department.

A Complete Software & Hardware Ecosystem

Software and hardware go hand in hand. Let’s work together in developing a strong, go-to-market strategy that ensures customers have the support they need, from initial implementation, to launch and ongoing support. A partnership comprised of two distinct strengths in software and hardware brings industry-dominating value to the market.

Unique Client Support Model

We ensure your customers get what they need, when they need it. Our support model is structured around understanding the anticipated needs and risks customers face when purchasing hardware. We guide customers to purchase the correct software, approved hardware; an RMA model structured to reduce retail downtown, and established resources readily available to solve any hardware-related issue a customer may have.

Shipping that’s always local

With a network of warehouses across North America, we’re local, no matter your location. Our fast, reliable, and flexible shipping options ensure we can meet any timeline. Open communication is key; you’ll always know what’s happening every step of the way.

You-Centric Approach

Our pride lies in our dedication to customer satisfaction, and the highest levels of support. Our quick response times and custom-tailored solutions to client needs means we are always on hand to assist.

VSG Staff


Allow our clients to speak for us by providing insight into their own experiences working with Venture Sourcing Group. We are proud of our reputation, and every positive word furthers our drive to offer the best products and services.

Shaun Landau
Shaun Landau
Fantastic service and pricing. For one part Luqman found a competitor's deal online that he could not match but he still told us about it: that's integrity. Thanks for your help getting us off the ground! The Farmhouse Cannabis Co.
Kristopher Belleperche
Kristopher Belleperche
Luqman has been absolutely wonderful to deal with. His customer service is simply outstanding . It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with him and I highly recommend this company to anyone. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to working with this amazing company for many years to come.
Quick and reliable. We were urgently trying to set up our equip and decided to use venture sourcing. We were very happy with our choice and look forward to working with them again. Thanks!
Julie Lemire
Julie Lemire
Very friendly, very helpful.
Andrew Theodore
Andrew Theodore
What an experience. Having searched all over for specific hardware, it wasn't until I spoke to Sarina at VSG, that someone was able to find and source the hardware I was looking for. It was out in BC and ordered before the flooding started. Once the flooding started, the order was obviously delayed. However, my need for the hardware was not delayed. Sarina worked her magic and found additional hardware in Ontario and had it shipped to me in a day. I was still able to meet my deadline in spite of all the logistical issues. Sarina went far above the normal customer service level to make sure my needs were met. I will be sourcing all my hardware from VSG going forward. Thanks for all your efforts Sarina, it was appreciated.
Mary-Anne Hanna
Mary-Anne Hanna
Luqman has been absolutely wonderful to deal with. His customer service is a 12 out of 10. Always there to answer any questions or concerns we may have had (I asked many questions). It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with him and I highly recommend this company to anyone. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to working with this amazing company again and again.
Violet Wild Cannabis Co
Violet Wild Cannabis Co
Luqman is truly incredible. This is honestly the best customer service I have received in quite some time. I deal with return issues regularly as a business owner, and I am quite sure this has been the most seamless, efficient, and prompt exchange I've experienced. My sincerest thanks.
Melissa Gagnon
Melissa Gagnon
I could not be anymore pleased with the service I got from VSG. VSG was a big help with my business, Canadian Beauty Boutique. They were super helpful, efficient and great to work with. Thank you!
Jakub Gorczewski
Jakub Gorczewski
VSG team provides great customer service, support and is my one stop shop for technology business needs for Tradesman Electric Inc
Emiliano Merrichelli
Emiliano Merrichelli
Venture Sourcing Group is a great company to work with. Their team support and unique vision encouraged me to look at new printing solutions for my own business in Etobicoke - Clear Vision Optical & Eyecare Boutique. They are innovative with their ISV and I couldn’t recommend them enough.
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