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Elite Nexus Tablet Stand for iPad 10.2″ – White

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$205.56 CAD

Key Features:

4 Point Lock
The Elite Nexus features a lockable faceplate that secures with a barrel key and four-point lock for ultimate security. As an additional security option, unique key and barrel sets are also available

Cable Management
Keep your tablet charged with internal cable management in the fully enclosed case. The Elite Nexus tablet stand features two cable management options including the ability to discreetly run your cable from the device through the Elite case and Nexus base, or alternatively, run the cable directly though the included cut out in the case’s rear.

180° Swivel Movement
The Nexus stand includes a 180 degree swivel, which is perfect for customer facing Point Of Sale (POS) and kiosk stands. This stand also features a unique magnetic hold at each swivel point to keep your tablet in position. For a fixed option, a position lock is available to disable swivel movement

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